crazy shipper’s heart

Fandoms(so what I’ll be blogging about)~

Avatar: The Legend of Aang
The Legend of Korra 
Doctor Who
American Horror Story
Princess Tutu 
True Blood
The Hunger Games
The Avengers 
Harry Potter
The Killers (band) 
The Veils(band)
Game of Thrones (newly getting into this loool)
V for Vendetta

A:TLA- Zuko and Katara 
LOK- Korra and Tahno
DW- Rose and Ten
Sherlock- Sherlock and Molly
Misfits- Simon and Alisha 
AHS- Violate and Tate
PT- Fakir and Ahiru
TB- Eric and Sookie
THG-Peeta and Katniss
HP- Tom Riddle and Hermione Granger
VfV- V and Evie

with Notes